Connected cleaning cart and smart cleaning to guarantee excellence in your facility.

Smart, time-saving tools.

Optimize your traceability at the click of a button with our connected tablet, easy to attach to your cleaning cart. Agents update the cleaned areas live, and you view everything in real time from your web dashboard. Take your cleaning to the next level with Smart Cleaning from Koki Software: strategically placed sensors and instant information. A tailor-made solution for every sector and every size of establishment


A smart, time-saving solution.

A single platform for all your cleaning operations.

Real-time cleaning monitoring solutions, traceability, control, evaluation and audit, presence management, CRM and cleaning agent management, specific performance indicators: we can help you achieve your traceability objectives.

Koki Software

Master the challenges of the cleaning activity from start to finish.

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All Koki Software modules

Centralize and manage your traceability


Traceability at your fingertips. Find the cleaning history of each room, day after day. Find out the details: who cleaned, when, where and how. Check the compliance of the tasks carried out for total transparency.


Complete and accurate reporting. Access key performance indicators, analyze the effectiveness of your teams and identify areas for improvement. Optimize your operations for higher quality.

Media library

Direct access to all your resources. Store and organize PDFs, images, and videos with electronic document management. Allow your cleaning agents to easily consult cleaning protocols for informed intervention.


Ensure impeccable quality. From visual checks of premises to agent assessments according to best practices, every detail counts. Implement a control plan, set thresholds and achieve excellence.


Complete and accurate reporting. Access key performance indicators, analyze the effectiveness of your teams and identify areas for improvement. Optimize your operations for higher quality.


API Connectors and Gateways: Connect Koki Software to other tools. Increase traceability by reporting vital information, thus enriching your indicators.


Easily access and manage users. Each sheet provides detailed information: associated controls, pass percentage on best practice assessments and quiz results. Everything for complete supervision.


Autonomy and precision combined. Beyond a simple check, this independent tool offers a rigorous analysis of your cleaning operations. Identify the slightest deviations and guarantee optimal quality.


Koki Software,innovation for the cleaning industry

A complete, connected solution

Optimize and supervise the cleaning of your premises with complete confidence. Koki Software offers you a complete solution, not only for fine-tuning your management methods with relevant performance indicators, but also for optimizing the costs associated with this activity. By leveraging the data collected, you can develop more targeted cleaning strategies. And rest assured that your information is safe with our advanced data protection system. With Koki Software, centralize, simplify and secure the management of the cleanliness of your premises, while keeping your costs under control.

Simplified management

Cost optimization

Computer security

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We are already working with many partners in the medical field.

Bio-cleaning and traceability

The Koki Software solution

Guaranteed impeccable hygiene

Guaranteeing quality of service and impeccable hygiene standards is of paramount importance for any facility open to the public, especially if it’s a healthcare establishment. The cleanliness of the premises will be both a first impression for visitors and an assurance of the seriousness and responsibility of the staff in charge.

Traceability and tracking of interventions

Many factors depend on the quality of the cleaning service: frequency and regularity of interventions, level of confidence among staff and patients, control of hygiene-related risks, compliance with current health standards, additional costs linked to incomplete procedures that need to be renewed, etc.

To meet these requirements, Koki Software has developed a application dedicated to cleaning and bio-cleaning traceability capable ofyour staff in all their missions.


  • Smoother ASH workflows
  • Cleaning efficiency
  • Team compliance with procedures
  • Simplified tracking – paperless
  • Updating standards and regulations
  • Traceability of actions taken
  • Data centralization and reporting
  • Quality control management
  • Real-time availability of rooms
  • Identification of additional costs and redundant procedures

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Find out how Koki Software can help you solve your bio-cleaning problems in medical environments.

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